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“ I was given these practices by my teacher. It took me years of hard work to get a hold of them. It's these practices that really began to  change my consciousness.”

Jamie Munday

Developer of the product

“ These breathing practices have transformed my life, the practice has been a mind blowing experience that has really opened doors and broadened my own experience. ”

Phill Bernier

Founder of Yooga School For Yoga


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After my awakening my whole world changed in an instant. In one moment my egoic identity that I had clung to so tightly all my life was whisked away in an instant by an explosion of bliss and ecstasy that erupted through my spine, and it uncovered a rich, un-waivering silence within. I knew something beautiful had blossomed within me. This led me to question what had just happened because everything I thought I knew about life suddenly didn't make sense any more. For the next 4 years I have been practicing and soaking up truth & knowledge with various teachers around the world and even got myself qualified as a Yoga Teacher in the process. Now that my journey has come to some form of completion I wish to share what best helped me navigate though my awakening journey.

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If you do the work and practice these practices daily, you will be drawn out of the dark night of the SOUL. It worked for me, it will work for you I promise you that.

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